When thinking about projects my thoughts turn to the various kinds of projects that I have done over the years both personally and professionally.  When I first started over 30 years ago one of my first projects was to build a solid oak table and then a large solid wood coffee table as gifts for my parents.  Both the dining room table and the coffee table are still being used to this day and believe me they have not been “gently used”. Three generations have grown up around those tables.  They have withstood the test of time and are witnesses to a life well lived by many of those who have gathered around them.

That was the start of my career and I am proud to say that I have done many projects since then.  They range from small to medium to large.  I have renovated kitchens, bathrooms, attics, bedrooms, and family rooms.  You name the room and I’ve probably renovated one like it.  I have built houses, fences and theatres from the ground up.  In addition to new builds and renovations I have repaired business structures damaged by water that need to first be demolished and then rebuilt.  Done Wright Design and Carpentry is a labour of love.  We love what we do and are committed to giving you a superior service.

I would like to help you build or renovate what you need or even what you are dreaming of. Whether it is your home or your business.  Together we can build a plan.  Tell me what you want and we can determine together the various levels of renovate or build that will suite your budget.  Whether you are on a strict budget and can only afford what is necessary, a middle of the road budget that allows for one or two luxury items that could be the focal point or a full out, top of the line, no holds barred luxury renovation or build.  Let me help you plan so that you can get what you need and you can begin your own history and stories of living in, with or on what I build for you.

In my story, the coffee table in the family room has been a place for many kids to play around and on.  Castles, kingdoms, dinosaurs and a pony or two have all been played with or imagined on that table.  Toy cars, fluffy animals, snack bowls have all been on the coffee table (and perhaps a cup of coffee while gathered to watch the late night news).  The table was and is the focal point  of the room.  It is a gathering point where the children and the adults go to dream their dreams, define their goals, express their love, enjoy the casual camaraderie and the, sometimes serious, discussions of the latest news.

The dining room table expands from daily use to holiday dinners.  Daily use could be anywhere from two to eight people.  This is where the adults gathered while the kids were in the family room.  These were the family members and the guests that were and are like family members.  It could be breakfast, lunch, dinner or coffee time and there was always somebody gathered around the beautiful solid oak table. The love is evident in tough times and in easy times.  For holiday dinners the table expands to accommodate as many as twenty five or thirty people. Everyone is welcome.  No matter whether we were being casual or formal the table was a solid presence that no one seemed to pay particular attention to yet it was an important part of our history and our family story.  When the gift was first uncovered there were many expressions of admiration of the fine craftsmanship and the sturdiness of the table.  As the years past those expressions of admiration from family and friends have turned into pride at the strength, beauty and durability of the table.  There is a piece of all of us in that table.  Whether it is somebody who built it or somebody who felt the love and the security of those gathered around it.  It was a collaboration of all us working together to finance and plan it but I designed and built it. I know what it is like to build something that means something to someone.  Let me help build something meaningful for you.